It is the 1960s in Argentina, a time of civic, economic, and cultural turmoil. Window-dresser Luis Alberto Molina is in the third year of his eight-year prison sentence for sexual deviancy and corrupting a minor.

He lives in the fantasy world of cinema, often visited by the beautiful Aurora, his favorite film star. And while he loves her, he fears the Spider Woman, a vampy diva who kills men with her kiss.

One day, Marxist revolutionary Valentin Arregui Paz is pushed into this cell after being tortured. Valentin is hostile, secretive, and confrontational towards the chattering Molina, and even draws a line down the center of the cell to keep Molina away from him. But Molina is a caring man, and tends to Valentin after brutal torture, and even keeps Valentin’s secrets while sharing his daydreams of Aurora. The men develop a trusting relationship that extends beyond simple friendship into a true love and dedication to each other.

Based on Manuel Puig’s bestselling novel El beso de la mujer arana with a vibrant score by the legendary Kander and Ebb, Kiss of the Spiderwoman is a testament to fantasy and friendship in the most dire of circumstances.