University of York Opera Society Presents A Dinner Engagement & Trouble In Tahiti

A Dinner Engagement

The comic one-act opera introduces us to the Lord and Lady Dunmow who, having fallen on hard times, try to convince their difficult daughter, Susan, to marry the bachelor Prince Philippe, heir to the Grand Duchy of Monteblanco. With the imposing figure of the Grand Duchess herself invited to dinner, and in on the plan, will these perpetual problem children find love in the Dunmows’ little kitchen?

Trouble in Tahiti

Follow us on our musical adventure with a jazz trio and a loveless marriage, as we explore whether the American Dream is what we hope for and see on our screens. We see the marriage between Dinah and Sam for one day and the unresolved tensions that are apparent between a couple with no love or equality and how the ‘American Dream’ pushes this hardship further.

Please note, this performance contains:

  • Mild innuendo
  • Use of smoke
  • Mentions of psychological disorders
  • Period appropriate terms some viewers may find offensive