Lost Ticket Productions presents: CLOSER by Patrick Marber
London. A stripper, a photographer, a writer and a dermatologist. Their lives connected and upset by turmoil of love.
Directed by Martina Zucconelli
Produced by Freya Ferguson
The evening will start at 7pm with some lovely live music in the walled garden, by Anna St.Pierre, and drinks available at our bar.
In order to fully enjoy the audio visual experience, please bring your smartphone with you on the day of the show.
DAN                    Brendan O’ Farrell
LARRY               Leo Jarvis
ANNA                 Simone Mumford
ALICE                 Martina Zucconelli
Assistant Producer:                   Ro McDowell
Fundraising rep:                         Stella Kiratzi
Light Designers:                         Cami Boldrin and Ross Hayward
Set Designer:                               Sofia Casadei
Hair and Make-up:                    Una Hogan
P&P:                                              Burbs
Photographer:                             Gareth Young
Merch rep:                                   Emma Parkin
Trigger Warnings:                      strong language, reference to sex, violence, smoking


June 10, 2019
7:00 pm
John Cooper Studio
June 11, 2019
7:00 pm
John Cooper Studio