Softcore boundaries   – 21 February

SOFTCORE BOUNDARIES is a performance exploring the voyeuristic qualities of safe spaces. There is an inherent queer energy attached to our existence, and that even naked and in stillness we are ‘clockable’ somehow. This performance opens a conversation about queer bodies and their agency.

Antonio Branco and Riccardo T. are a performance art duo based in London. Their research explores themes of contemporary sexuality, gender norms, porn consumption, and fetishisation of actions and bodies.

This show is captioned.

looks like god – 22 February

Have you ever been in the same room as a zombie? Have you ever tried spice? Have you ever shared oxygen with a zombie? Have you ever wanted to sleep with a zombie? Or looked at your colleagues and wanted to eat their faces off?

Looks Like God is a new visceral performance installation by artist Samuel Kennedy. It appropriates the zombie body in all of its grotesque glory, to seek out where revulsion and attraction coexist in a putrefied wasteland of displaced desire and hypersexual sexiness.

the ballad of isosceles – 23 February

The Ballad of Isosceles is a performance for 8 people at a time. Through songs delivered from a distance and text spoken up close, a single performer delivers an origin myth about the birth of Envy, the forgotten tenth Muse. She casts and recasts audience members as figures in her tale, a Lynchian love story to voyeurism unfolds.

Ali Matthews is an artist and researcher, she creates participatory experiences with text & song that are designed to play with intimacy, distance, desire and alienation.

The 4pm and 4.30pm performances will be captioned.


February 22, 2019
8:00 pm
John Cooper Studio
Performances every 30 minutes, last performance at 16.30
February 23, 2019
12:30 pm
John Cooper Studio