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Fundraising@41: Support Us

Current Fundraising Campaigns 

@41 Monkgate

Theatre@41 is currently raising funds for essential maintenance to our roof which is in very bad shape after a particularly brutal winter. 

Of course we are looking into Government funding and other grants to raise a large sum of the money and we will be holding several fundraising events throughout the year to try and make up the rest so keep your eyes peeled for ways you can help and get involved! 

In the meantime we have set up a JustGiving page and any donations will be most welcome. If you feel you can donate then please click on the link below!

The Show Must Go On

The oldest adage in theatre has never been truer. But there's another just as true saying "Money makes the world go around". There is always something to be done, repaired or replaced in a building as old as our wonderful little one is. Much can be done with the help of our wonderful team of Volunteers (for information on joining them please see the 'Volunteering' page) and the money from the shows put on generally covers the running costs but there are times were we simply need more money. There are several ways in which you can get involved in raising money to help the old girl keep going:

The One Off Performance

From time to time we will have a specific need that we have to address and for this we will run a focused fundraising campaign. These campaigns will usually be for relatively small items such as the updating of the Lighting Box for the John Copper Studio or even a new sound system. 

The Residency

For slightly larger things, the refurbishment of one of the smaller performance spaces (The Dance Studio and The Gilpin Room ) we will be running more general campaigns.

The Resident Company

For much larger things, the funding for a new roof being a case in point, we will be running long term, ongoing funding campaigns. These could take place over several events or throughout the year or even across more than one.

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